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CP Group 


Interaction Design

Museum experience


2020 - 2021


990 sqm


CP Center, Beijing, China


We designed the first CP corporate museum in Beijing, China. The Charoen Pokphand Group is a Thai conglomerate based in Bangkok, aiming to create prosperity for the country, local communities, companies and people.

It originated from the idea of ​​"one seed" (a seed shop) and developed from agriculture. Its original intention is to serve every ordinary person, just as sunlight and water nurture all living beings. So, we used nature elements - light, shadow, water flow, and trees as the design language to create a grand atmosphere of “Seeding the Future”.

The overall story unfolds in three stages of Seeding - from history, growth to vision, delivering an immersive experience to inspire visitors to discover the knowledge of wisdom.

I worked with the Creative Director Tobias and German team to develop the overall concept, experience, content planning and storyboards during both the pitch stage and the deepening design stage.

My Role   

Ideation, Experience Design, Content Planning, Storyboard, Pitch Deck

Seeding the Future.
The Wisdom of The Seed.

CP Group Museum




What is the Wisdom about?


Target Audience


Mind Map


The company started with a seed shop.

We take the core of the story -

Seed to develop the concept.

The seed needs energy & love to grow.

Natural energy like sun & water are the key resources of growth.

Daring and caring are the key attributes of sustainable growth.

Experience Journey

Our experience idea is to introduce the technologies that can be applied to natural materials, like timber, air, water and light, to create more ambient and intuitive experiences.


Concept Design Structure


Selected Interaction Design

Experience Design

Since winning the bidding in September 2020, there have been several iterations in terms of content, space, and interactive experience. We updated the design mainly according to the specific development of the content in the deepening design stage. I was responsible for the content planning, experience research and design, as well as communication coordination with our German team, Thai clients and multimedia construction team.

After lots of discussions and research with clients, we finally defined the main theme, “the wisdom of the seed”. We expected this place to be more like a cutting-edge museum, allowing visitors to discover and gain wisdom from CP Group's history, philosophy, actual management and sustainable business, as well as the vision for the future.

The following is the updated version in April 2021.


I developed the storylines and storyboards with my colleague, Dustin.

The following are selected ones in the corresponding journey timeline.

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