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DongWen Xu





Piper is an interdisciplinary experience designer based in Seattle. She advocates humanity-centered design to facilitate positive lifestyle changes. She recently graduated from the Carnegie Mellon University Master of Product Innovation and joined as a product designer.


Over the past 6 years, Piper has worked with 20+ leading brands and IT companies, including SamsungMercedes BenzAlibaba, Tencent, SonyNEIWAIetc., helping clients build unique assets and advanced images in the competitive market. She's driven by blending design, strategy, technology, and storytelling to create memorable, engaging, and intuitive user experiences across both digital and physical environments.


After exploring in diverse fields such as stage, branding, and exhibition, Piper discovered her passion for transforming complex problems into intriguing narratives and memorable, joyful user experiences that connect individuals to cultures, communities and opportunities.

Her background in scenic design has shaped her unique aesthetic sense in scenography and new media arts. For her, design is not just about creating visually stunning experiences but also a means of changing, thinking, and communicating.

Aside from her design work, Piper also has a passion for the concepts of essentialism and slow fashion. She believes that the idea of "less but better" can be applied to all aspects of life, not just design. She also loves to use her imagination and ingenuity to create works of art or crafts.

When she's outside, you'll often see her deep in thought...and occasionally walk into a pole.

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